We offer both steam humidifiers as well as traditional drip system humidifiers.

During Colorado winters, dry air can be a problem. Whole house humidifiers can help with those concerns arising from dry air quality. It is fairly common for people living across the front range to experience dry skin, nose bleeds or snoring due to dry air. This dry air is created when the heating system evaporates what little moisture may be in the air naturally. A whole house humidification system will add needed moisture to your indoor air. Proper home humidity levels also help to prevent wood floors and furniture from cracking.

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Let us keep your home comfortable with one of our humidifiers.

Home humidifiers work by pulling the supply air from your furnace blower and passing it through a water-holding condensing pad. When hot air passes through the moist condensing pad it is returned into the heating system. This creates humidified air. There are different variations on the way a residential whole house humidification system works, but most all systems use this basic method.

How is humidity level determined?

Each home is different and it is up to the HVAC company to set the initial home humidity level. Typically, in Northern Colorado, a range of 25% up to 45% is optimal. You will know if there is too much humidity if your windows begin to form water droplets on them. Some Colorado homes with a large percentage of wood floors or wood furniture may require a higher humidity rating. This is because the wood can absorb the humidity before humans can sense it in the air.

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