How to Prepare Your HVAC System for the Holidays

best buy heating and air holiday prep for hvac system

Picture this nightmarish scenario:

You’re hosting this year for the holidays. Your house is brimming with family and friends. Everyone’s having a great time and, for once, really getting into the holiday mood—when you hear a sudden “clunk” noise.

That was the sound of your furnace giving out. Pretty scary, right?

While that’s an extreme example, it has happened to families here in Colorado before. The results definitely put a damper on the celebrations. The holiday season is a busy one for all of us, but if you haven’t had your annual HVAC inspection, it’s worth squeezing it into your schedule so that you can enjoy a cozy and comfortable December.

In this post, we’re going to discuss a few of the major benefits you can enjoy over the winter holidays and all year round if you decide to do some proactive HVAC maintenance. Let’s start with a big one…

end of year hvac inspectionAn Easy DIY Furnace Inspection Checklist

When you call us, we’ll do a comprehensive inspection of your HVAC system—but there are a handful of things you can do on your own to make sure the heat stays on through the holidays. Consider it a part of all the other holiday prep work you do like shopping or cleaning around the house.

First, begin by make sure your heating system is in good working order. Check the pilot light on your furnace, make sure your air filters are clean, and test the thermostat. Make sure heat is being evenly distributed to every room in the house. If it isn’t, you may need to do some air balancing.

You’ll also want to check the flue pipe—that’s the big exhaust pipe. The concern here is that it could leak carbon monoxide. The most common area where holes are found is near the base of the flue pipe where it meets the furnace. If you see corrosion, it’s time to get a replacement. Waiting just isn’t worth the risk.

For more holiday prep tips, make sure to check out our post DIY Tips: How to Identify & Fix Common Furnace Problems Before Winter.

HVAC Cleaning & Maintenance Prevent Fire Hazards

Here’s a statistic that’s going to blow your mind: approximately 3,000 fires are started every year in the United States from clogged dryer ducts.

Far too many people have forgotten the ventilation part of HVAC. One of the most vulnerable portions of your ventilation system is your dryer exhaust—and let’s be honest, when’s the last time you looked back there?

Checking the ventilation for your dryer is just one part of a comprehensive ventilation inspection. In addition to preventing fires, making sure your ducts are clean and clear of obstructions will save you a great deal of money on your energy bill, not to mention the ability to enjoy cleaner indoor air.

hvac holiday prep furnace repair maintenanceDIY HVAC Drafts and Leaks Inspection

A quick way to save on your energy bill and make sure your home stays warm throughout the entire holiday season is to do a quick draft/leak inspection. Common areas where air leaks occur are vents, baseboards, exterior corners, where your chimney meets the siding, and, of course, all door and window frames.

While a professional annual HVAC inspection will catch any leaks in your system, an easy little trick to test for drafts (near doors, windows, siding, etc.) by yourself is with a lit incense stick. Make sure to turn off all fans or other sources of moving air before conducting your test. Carefully hold the incense near areas wher eyou think there might be a draft and the smoke will be pulled outwards or inwards if there is.

If You’re Leaving for the Holidays…

As you no doubt already know, it’s been getting well into the cold season here in Colorado. With nightly lows below freezing, we’re all running our heating systems. But what if you’re going to be out of town for the holidays? Your inclination is probably to leave the heat off—nobody’s in the house anyway, so why not?

In some situations, that might be fine. However, consider the state of your indoor plumbing. Can it survive the chill? Also worth considering are the items in your home, some of which might react to extreme changes in temperature. Musical instruments such as pianos or guitars are especially susceptible to damage as a result of changes in temperature or humidity.

Enjoy the Holidays With Peace of Mind

Our team of professionals here at Best Buy Heating and Air are here to help you get ready for the holidays. When you contact us for a service request, we’ll make sure that your heating system can handle anything.

From everyone here, we’d like to extend our warmest holiday wishes to you and your family. We look forward to serving you in the new year!

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